Hirst Applegate, LLP attorneys Laurie Rogers and Macrina Jerabek recently volunteered for the Liberty Day Institute. The Liberty Day institute is a nonprofit organization that aims to ensure all children know and understand our nation’s founding documents. Each Liberty Day volunteer visits a fifth-grade classroom and presents about the U.S. Constitution. Laurie, who is Japanese-American, presented at Alta Vista Elementary School in Cheyenne, and talked about the Japanese-American Internment Camps during WWII.  She discussed how the camps implicated the constitutional rights of the American citizens of Japanese descent who were incarcerated there.  She included anecdotal stories of her family’s personal experiences with both the bombing of Pearl Harbor and internment in a Colorado camp.  Laurie’s presentation included photos of Heart Mountain Relocation Center, the Japanese-American Confinement Site near Cody, Wyoming. Macrina presented at Cole Elementary School in Cheyenne. Macrina walked her class through a hypothetical criminal case and worked with students to identify various constitutional issues. The students openly discussed both criminal and civil due process and the importance of the rule of law.