by: Shaina Case

It is not easy to think about mortality, and it may even seem downright bizarre to think about dying when in the prime of life. However, every stage of life presents new estate planning challenges and opportunities and “millennials” (persons born roughly 1980-2000) are not immune from the estate planning process. Regardless of whether you are married, single, in a long-term relationship, have children, and regardless of your net worth, proper estate planning is essential to protect your values and beliefs, those you love, and the assets you leave behind at death.

Whether naming guardians to care for minor children or trustees to be in charge of assets left to minor children, designating agents and powers of attorney to make medical and financial decisions for you upon disability, ensuring your debt is properly handled at death, selecting in advance burial/cremation wishes, ensuring certain collectible items or other assets are left to certain people (and, specifically not left to certain other people), estate planning offers the opportunity to take control today of these important and necessary decisions. Protect your future, your wishes, and your family through estate planning.

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