Lindsay A. Woznick is an AV-rated partner with Hirst Applegate, LLP where she has practiced since 2005.  As part of her real estate practice, Ms. Woznick represents both oil and gas producers and landowners in negotiating oil and gas leases, water use agreements, surface use agreements and easements.  Ms. Woznick helps ensure that oil and gas producers gain the surface access needed to fully develop the valuable resources of the State of Wyoming, while balancing the rights of the landowners in protecting their surface estates and livelihoods.

Ms. Woznick will be co-presenting at the upcoming 2018 Wyoming State Bar Conference in Laramie, Wyoming on how to negotiate surface use agreements from both the landowner’s perspective and the operator’s perspective.  This program will teach practitioners about the importance of landowner relations, how certain language in surface use agreements can negatively or positively impact oil and gas operations and ranching operations, and will discuss surface use issues unique to oil and gas development in Wyoming.