An ongoing issue in many countries is access to vital records.  Fortunately, many countries are now starting to digitize their records.  Recently, a firm client faced the challenge of returning to her native country to settle her family’s estate.  The client never had a birth certificate, but made a request with the vital record’s office. The office was able to locate a birth certificate. To her surprise, she learned that she was born two years earlier than she previously believed.  Not knowing the challenges she would soon face, our client enjoyed a laugh with her husband now realizing she was older than him.

After returning to Wyoming, with her birth certificate, our client attempted to update her records. This proved to be a challenge as no agency would correct her benefits or provide health insurance since her date of birth did not match what was on her Certificate of Naturalization.  Resolution was not straight forward.

Upon retaining Hirst Applegate, attorney Christine Jordan filed a Petition requesting the U.S. District Court for the District of Wyoming amend the date of birth on our client’s Certificate of Naturalization.  After successfully opposing the government’s Motion to Dismiss, on April 7, 2023, the Court ordered the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to provide our client an amended Certificate of Naturalization listing her correct date of birth.  A month later, our client had her new