Employment Law

6860738bf97f23fac71161c97ed2ed3f_f129A statewide and regional leader in the area of employment law, Hirst Applegate has been providing employment law services to its employer clients for many decades. Hirst Applegate attorneys counsel employer clients on a variety of issues, including the “at-will” doctrine, employee handbooks, personnel policies, disclaimers, employment contracts, hiring, disciplinary actions, terminations, workplace safety, and corporate structuring.

The firm has also represented employer clients in a wide variety of employment litigation in both state and federal courts, including cases involving claims for sexual harassment, gender discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, retaliation, breach of contract, wrongful discharge, promissory estoppel, and the covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

The firm also has extensive experience in cases involving state employment agencies and, when necessary, the EEOC. The firm’s employer clients include school districts, municipalities, service organizations, and private corporations, ranging from large publicly traded companies to small family-owned businesses.

Evaluating Your Company’s Sexual Harassment Policy

By Laurie Rogers For the past few months, allegations of sexual harassment seem to be levied almost daily against politicians, celebrities, corporate officers, and others in positions of power.  While the news coverage focuses on the famous, the issue can rear its...

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Ms. Schneider presents to UW Family Medicine Residents

Hirst Applegate Associate, Jessica A. Schneider, recently presented to the residents of the UW Family Medicine Residency Program on “Employment Contract Negotiation and Business Planning.”  The lecture was part of the residents’ daily conference series.  The lecture...

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