Workers Compensation

Hirst Applegate draws on years of experience in assisting employers navigate the worker’s compensation system, including evaluating and contesting claims and award of benefits.  If you have a question about an employee claim for benefits or the validity of an alleged workplace injury,  Hirst Applegate can help evaluate the claim, assess the impact the claim will have on an employer’s worker’s compensation premiums, and assist in contesting the claim.

Attorneys Practicing in This Area

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy and elderly

Many consider estate planning a chore of the “elderly” and “wealthy.”  However, estate planning accomplishes much more than asset distribution, probate avoidance, and tax planning.  An estate plan is the set of instructions given to those you trust to make decisions...

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Hirst Applegate Attorneys Help Client Restore Voting Rights

As part of Hirst Applegate’s commitment to provide pro bono services, attorneys Jason G. Mitchell and Billie LM Addleman help Wyoming residents with the expungement of felony convictions and restoration of voting rights. The firm is pleased to report a very recent...

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CDC Order Halts Residential Evictions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) recently issued a Temporary Halt in Residential Evictions to Prevent the Further Spread of COVID-19 (“CDC Order”). The CDC Order is a temporary halt in evictions for non-payment of rent. The CDC Order is broad and...

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Addleman Takes Top Seat of Wyoming State Bar

September 18, 2020 - News Releases CHEYENNE – The Wyoming State Bar is pleased to announce that Billie LM Addleman, an attorney from Cheyenne, Wyoming, has been elected President of its organization. The 2020/2021 Election of Officers was held according to the Bylaws...

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