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70c8ae036343f8a59fe35e16654f6b91_f134Hirst Applegate has a long history of representing a broad range of clients in the public utility arena before the Wyoming Public Service Commission. Current and former clients of the firm include distribution and transportation utilities, industrial customers, and large consumer groups.

The firm’s areas of expertise encompasses all aspects of utility regulation, including landline and wireless telecommunications, electricity and natural gas ratemaking, and petroleum products and gas transportation. Hirst Applegate is prepared to represent clients in the initial application, data exchange, commission hearing, and appeal, if necessary.

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Earlier this year Mid-American, public utilities holding company owned by Warren Buffet, filed to acquire Wyoming utility PacifiCorp. More information about the filing can be found on the PSC website. POSTED BY JAMES L. APPLEGATE AT 1:20 PM

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