Complex Civil Litigation

b2d3ecb9831077adda40d7d4a58f7626_f131Hirst Applegate attorneys are amongst the most experienced and well-equipped in the state and region in handling complex civil litigation. We represent or have represented manufacturers, biomedical companies, hospitals, financial services companies, insurance and reinsurance companies, corporate officers and directors, and large state and national corporations in courts throughout the state and region, and have vast experience in multi-party and multi-forum litigation. These cases often involve large numbers of witnesses and evidentiary documents, as well as the potential for complex jurisdictional issues. Hirst Applegate attorneys also have experience in the growing and ever-changing world of intellectual property. In addition to litigating complex civil cases, Hirst Applegate attorneys appreciate and understand the need to accelerate or terminate potentially protracted cases. As a result, Hirst Applegate attorneys also have extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms for complex civil cases.

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Hirst Applegate attorneys, Erin Berry and Billie Addleman, recently won an appeal to the Wyoming Supreme Court.  In that decision, the Court affirmed the district court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of firm’s client, a Wyoming attorney. Mattheis Company v....

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“Harmonie Group Surveillance Compendium”

Surveillance can be a powerful tool for the resolution of claims, but rules governing the proper use of surveillance and admissibility at trial differ by jurisdiction. Harmonie and the Canadian Litigation Counsel (CLC) firms have gathered basic rules concerning...

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