by: Jason Mitchell

Attorneys Billie LM Addleman and Jason G. Mitchell were successful in obtaining an expungement for a client in a case of first impression.  The case involved a request for expungement where the client was convicted of a prior felony, but received a pardon.  Wyoming law precludes felony expungements where the petitioner was convicted of a prior felony.  However, because the Governor of Wyoming issued a pardon for the first offense, Hirst Applegate argued the client was eligible for expungement.  The State of Wyoming argued the prior felony made the client ineligible for expungement despite the pardon.  Hirst Applegate was able to successfully show that the pardon fully restored the client’s rights.  Although counsel and the Court were unaware of any expungements granted under these peculiar circumstances, the Court agreed the law and policy regarding pardons made the client eligible for relief.  The Court granted the expungement.  Mr. Addleman and Mr. Mitchell were pleased to provide pro bono services which positively affected their client.