Many Wyomingites need access to the immigration system at some point in their lives, whether through our educational programs, members of the military, or local businesses.  However, there are very few attorneys in Wyoming who specialize in immigration law, often causing people to seek legal assistance out of state.

Hirst Applegate is pleased to announce it now offers immigration law as part of its legal services.

At Hirst Applegate we appreciate the complexity and gravity that immigration law entails.  Building on a foundation of prior federal government practice, Christine Jordan, an associate at Hirst Applegate, has experience addressing a wide range of immigration issues.  This institutional knowledge will benefit our clients and bring a unique perspective to how Hirst Applegate approaches immigration matters.

Christine has practiced at Hirst Applegate since 2021.  Prior to coming to Hirst Applegate, Christine worked for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  There she supported the investigations division, she also worked with the Human Rights Violators Law Division, and, after graduating from law school, she moved into the role of Assistant Chief Counsel where she practiced immigration law for over four years.  All told, Christine has almost a decade of experience addressing a variety immigration issues.

Hirst Applegate looks forward to serving our community through this new practice area by providing legal assistance in the following areas of immigration:  family-based petitions, green card matters, immigrant visas, naturalization, student visas, work visas, and employment issues.

 If you need an immigration attorney, feel free to contact Christine Jordan at 307-632-0541.  Her bio can also be found here: