Continuing Hirst Applegate’s commitment to providing pro bono services, attorneys Billie LM Addleman and Jason G. Mitchell were recently successful in obtaining an expungement for a client’s felony conviction.  The expungement will seal the client’s early 2000s felony possession of marijuana conviction from the public, thereby allowing the client to pursue opportunities that a felony record makes difficult.  Hirst Applegate was pleased to assist a client who was extremely grateful and hopes to use the expungement to obtain better employment.

Expungements are available by statute in Wyoming.  To become eligible, the convicted person must meet all statutory provisions which, in large part, include having no other criminal history for a period of at least 10 years.  After serving a Verified Petition upon the prosecutor’s office, the State determines whether it will object to the expungement and the Court often sets a hearing.  After ninety days have passed from serving the prosecutor, the Court may grant the convicted person’s expungement and seal the records.