This has been a challenging year. A global pandemic affected how we lived, worked, and played. A recent study found that 35-to-40% of people in the United States are regularly reporting that they are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, compared to the baseline that was around 25% prior to the pandemic.

In these challenging times, it is essential that we all prioritize our wellbeing. To encourage and support the employees of Hirst Applegate in prioritizing their health, Hirst Applegate recently held a six-week wellness challenge for its employees. The challenge focused on mindfulness, physical health, nutrition, sleep, and gratitude. Each week, employees were given a challenge focusing on one aspect of wellness. The challenges ranged from eating five servings of vegetables per day to writing three statements of gratitude per day. Hirst Applegate employees participated in the challenge in teams made up of three to four employees per team and earned points each week for completing the challenges.

The prize for the winning team was a donation to a local charity of the winning team’s choice. The winning team, “Team 7th Inning Stretch,” chose the Cheyenne Animal Shelter as the recipient of the firm’s donation. Congratulations to Team 7th Inning Stretch!