Hirst Applegate attorneys Robert C. Jarosh and Lindsay A. Woznick recently secured a significant federal court victory for the former Aeronautics Administrator for the State of Wyoming, Shelly Reams, who was a defendant in a complex case involving allegations of civil conspiracy and violations of the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (‘RICO’). Jarosh and Woznick were hired by the Wyoming Attorney General to defend the former Aeronautics Administrator, and won summary judgment on all ten of the causes of action brought against her by Plaintiffs. In his 60-page order – including what is likely the most comprehensive RICO analysis ever by a Wyoming court – Wyoming’s chief federal judge cited approvingly to the arguments and accompanying authority in Jarosh and Woznick’s summary judgment materials, and ultimately entered summary judgment in a lawsuit that he characterized as ‘nothing more than a long running vendetta against the Defendants.’ For more information on the decision and the legal analysis involved, please contact Jarosh or Woznick at 307-632-0541.